Selected solo exhibitions
William Ware Gallery London SW1
Woodstock Gallery London W1
Avoncroft Museum  Worcester
Mid Wales Gallery Newbridge
Gallerie Goudah Holland
Gallerie d’art de la mjc  Metz  FRANCE
Stokvis Gallerie Rotterdam HOLLAND
Europhalle  Trier GERMANY
Gallerie de Schuur HOLLAND
Yew Tree Gallery Stroud Glos
The Theatre on the Hill, GLOS
Piers Feetham LONDON SW6
Bartley Drey LONDON SW3
Caryle Gallery  LONDON SW3
Troubadour Gallery  LONDON SW9
The Gallery Shepherd `market  LONDON W1
Troubadour Gallery LONDON SW9
Boundary Gallery LONDON SW10  (represented by the Boundary Gallery  from 2005)